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Selecting a law firm to represent you is an important decision and requires careful consideration. Diane S. Perera is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Construction Law and specializes in construction legal matters involving contractor, sureties, owners, and professionals engaged in construction design and planning. Diane S. Perera also has extensive experience in professional licensing matters involving contractors, architects, interior designers, engineers and other construction related professionals. We also provide defense against ADA claims and Workman's Compensation citations/stop work orders. Diane S. Perera is also a 2010 Super Lawyer. Call our experienced construction law attorneys today for your construction law and contract modification needs.

Florida Board Certified Construction Law

Of the more than 75,000 attorneys in Florida, only about 200 have achieved certification in Construction Law by the Florida Bar. Diane S. Perera is one of them. When you choose an attorney to represent you in complex litigation, you do not want to waste time educating the attorney about your business or industry. At Diane S. Perera, P.A., we already know the construction industry. Construction law is our specialty. We help our clients resolve their legal problems related to construction projects. If your development or construction project has not turned out as planned, or if you are a contractor, vendor, or supplier and are simply trying to be paid what is due, give us a call to see how we can put our expertise to work for you.